Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some Video Game Art/Wallpapers

What's up guys, instead of actually taking my time to write out a post, I decided to share some artwork in the video game category that I thought was cool/interesting. Of course all of the credit goes to the original artists, I didn't draw a single one of these and I never will be able to.

First is the concept art from Infamous. Infamous is one of my favorite games and I've always been astounded by the comicbook-esque art they had in the cutscenes. Here are some pics.

Next is some Legend of Zelda art. Again, Legend of Zelda games are also one of my favorite games, and this picture makes me think people went to college to learn art for making LoZ art!
                              Just amazing!

And here is some Minecraft, another one of my favorite games.

And here is some alternative Pokemon art.

These alt-art pokemon pics always seem to scare me.
Some Team Fortress art everyone has probably already seen, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be shared!

I love me some mash-up art.

That's it for me, enjoy these art works.
An update for my computer
I'm getting most of my computer this month, it will probably be built by at latest Friday, so I will post pics, and some Minecraft posts for the next few weeks. But unfortunately I will be rocking an IGP for a month, so  the most graphics-intensive game I will be able to play is Left 4 Dead, maybe Portal 2. But next month around this time I will be getting my new graphics card, HIS 6790 (for now, might change it up soon idk), so then expect a lot more gaming reviews and maybe even videos.


  1. They look fantastic, keep up the good posts like this one. Cheers.

  2. I really liked the Minecraft one from an artistic standpoint...i don't even like the game!

  3. downloading to my pc and my phone as wallpapers! these are awesome,also the minecraft one is really really creepy o.o

  4. I <3 the minecraft picture, looks epic.

  5. i was trying to decide which was my favorite, but i cant. i like them all lol