Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some Video Game Art/Wallpapers

What's up guys, instead of actually taking my time to write out a post, I decided to share some artwork in the video game category that I thought was cool/interesting. Of course all of the credit goes to the original artists, I didn't draw a single one of these and I never will be able to.

First is the concept art from Infamous. Infamous is one of my favorite games and I've always been astounded by the comicbook-esque art they had in the cutscenes. Here are some pics.

Next is some Legend of Zelda art. Again, Legend of Zelda games are also one of my favorite games, and this picture makes me think people went to college to learn art for making LoZ art!
                              Just amazing!

And here is some Minecraft, another one of my favorite games.

And here is some alternative Pokemon art.

These alt-art pokemon pics always seem to scare me.
Some Team Fortress art everyone has probably already seen, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be shared!

I love me some mash-up art.

That's it for me, enjoy these art works.
An update for my computer
I'm getting most of my computer this month, it will probably be built by at latest Friday, so I will post pics, and some Minecraft posts for the next few weeks. But unfortunately I will be rocking an IGP for a month, so  the most graphics-intensive game I will be able to play is Left 4 Dead, maybe Portal 2. But next month around this time I will be getting my new graphics card, HIS 6790 (for now, might change it up soon idk), so then expect a lot more gaming reviews and maybe even videos.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

My thoughts on Battlefield 3

Sorry for not writing a post in a long time guys, haven't really got the chance or had an idea of what to write. 
But I finally got to play Battlefield 3 on PC at my friends house.
Here is his rig just to give you an idea:
AMD x4 2.5 GHz
XFX Radeon 6790
We played Battlefield 3 on 1080p with everything high without any lag. 
I gotta say, this game is AMAZING! 
I couldn't fly a plane for beans, but it was still fun crashing into the ground or jumping out of the plane and parachuting to the ground. I also sucked really badly, the worst of my games being 1-10. But I still had lots of fun. Tanks are slow, so my favorite vehicles were the cars/humvees/whatever. I played on the engineer class, but I was never able to destroy a single tank, which sucked. 
His graphics performance also made me decide to get the same card as him and save up the extra money for something special, like an SSD or something. Also an update: I'm very close to getting my PC parts, got to wait until beginning of next week to order everything.
OK, back to the topic, we played for about 4 hours, and I have to say, not one of those minutes were wasted. This game is awesome and I don't get why people are hating on it. The graphics look amazing, my only gripe is how to handle two people coming at you that are not lined up. I've never survived one of those encounters. Next month, I will be hooked on this game. I just need mah damn GPU!!!!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Hey guys, this is one of my favorite games of all time! Having very little system requirements, I was able to play and finish this game on my PC a few years ago. I love this game! There is so much you can do, especially if you download mods, but you should save that for after you finish the game. "What do you mean?" you say? "A game you can keep playing by yourself after you finish the campaign?" Yes. This, like I'm pretty sure all of Rockstar's games are, is open world and non-linear, sometimes called sandbox. While Minecraft is 100% sandbox, GTA still has a lot of missions having to do with the story. So you can't just start roaming around as soon as you start the game. As you go through with the mission, more side quests and places are unlocked, and that is where the fun begins.
As you can see, the map is huge. When you begin the game, you start out at the bottom right city, and you are unable to go anywhere else, which I'll explain later. After some quests, you get to move out into the top right and bottom left and after a while, you are able to virtually go anywhere, which has wasted some of my days while playing this game. Driving quickly with a motorcycle or a Lambo (mods) through the country is amazing, especially with the fact that if you play this on PC, you can configure the radio so that your songs are the songs on the radio. I praise Rockstar for adding this neat feature.
So this is how the story goes, you are CJ, or Carl Johnson, a former gangbanger, returns to his home city of Los Santos after he hears of his mother's death. Scumbag police officers, Tenpenny and Pulaski pull hims over and drop him off far away. You begin while riding a bike back to your old house. Sean Johnson, or Sweet, Carl's brother, blames Carl for their mother's death, because he left to live in Liberty City. That is the basis of the story, and I won't go more into it because the story is just incredibly long.
Most of the game is either you doing favors for someone in exchange for something, or you doing something with your friends. My favorite mission in this game was when you are robbing a casino. It reminded me of the Ocean's series.

Overall, this game is one of the most fun, exciting, painstaking, annoying, awesome and horrible games I've played. Of course the negative responses are towards the missions I just could not seem to beat. The last mission required me to use mods to get through, but don't worry, I did it without hacks in my second playthrough of this game. I think around 10 days of my life have been spent playing this game, but what can I say? It's really fun, however you probably don't want to play this game around a younger kid.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Breaking Bad!

What's up guys? The reason posting has been real slow is because I have been just hooked on this little show called Breaking Bad. While reading the Wikipedia plot or something from IMDB may make it seem kind of a strange show, don't worry, this show is awesome. I'm on Season 2 Episode 1 right now, so this isn't going to be a full review, but there are still a lot of good things.
The show starts out showing the main character, Walter White driving in a RV with a passed out man with a gas mask in the passenger seat and two men underneath a blanket in the cabin of the RV. You notice he has no pants on. He crashes and gets out of the car, hearing police sirens. He points a gun at the trail where the police would have come from, and it cuts off.

Now the real parts that make sense begin. It shows Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher. He has a pregnant wife named Skyler and his son, Walter Jr. who has Cerebral Palsy. Walter is diagnosed with an incurable form of lung cancer, which is also in a late stage. His brother-in-law, Hank, who is married to Skyler's sister Marie, is a Drug Enforcement Administration officer. When Hank shows Walt how much profit meth cookers make, Walt is shown in deep thought. Walt coincidentally sees Jesse Pinkman, a former student, who is a druggie. Walt realizes that with his chemistry skills with Jesse's dealing experience, they can make huge amounts of money. Walt approaches Jesse, and nonchalantly asks him to start cooking crystal meth. At first, Jesse is surprised, but later he gives in and they buy an RV and go out to the desert to cook meth. And assuming from people's reactions, they make some pretty dang good meth. I don't want to give too much away, but that's the basics.

From left: Walter Jr, Walter, Skyler, Marie, Hank, Marie, Jesse
In my opinion, this show is pretty amazing. It mixes normal "good person" life with the risks of drug dealing, a plot I don't think I've ever seen before. It is very well written, includes lots of clever plot sequences, and there are many scenes that will surprise you. All of the characters act very well, especially Walter, Hank, and Jesse. 
Also, Walt looks pretty badass with a shaved head, and even more with a goatee added to his mustache.

Watch this show, I promise, it is amazing!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

50 Followers thanks!

Well, I finally got 50 followers! I've been anticipating this day seeing followers in the high 40s for the past few days, but I finally got it! Thanks guys, I know my last few posts have been quick, but I promise I'll write more thorough and informative posts now. Thing is, I haven't been able to get any games to review, but I will be putting up some Minecraft posts when I get my new computer and build it, probably by the end of the month or the first week, depending on how quickly Newegg and Amazon ship their products. I'm also waiting another month to buy my graphics card, a XFX Radeon 6850 for $80, because I realized that if I can get that money by next month anyway, why not spend a little (or in this case 2x) more on a better graphics card. Also if there are any really good graphics cards under $200 (145 euros), and if it is worth spending the extra money, please suggest one.
You can check out my PC configuration in my page, The everchanging computer set up I'm planning to buy, and leave any recommendations.
Another update is I've been watching The Walking Dead first season to be ready when the second comes out October 16. I've watched the first episode, and I will be going back to watch a few more when I am done writing this post. After that, I'm going to start watching Breaking Bad, I've heard that it is really good, but I've never really gotten into it until now.
I'm also watching House on Mondays, Mythbusters on Wednesdays and The Office on Thursdays.
Well that's pretty much it, I'll be trying to get some non-game related material out until I get my computer.

Monday, October 10, 2011


Doom, the biggest pioneer of FPSs was created in 1993 by a company in Texas named id Software. They have paved the way for modern FPSs like Call of Duty and Battlefield, but you've probably heard that a million times.
They have recently come out with a new game named RAGE. From the gameplay I've seen I think it looks pretty cool, and a lot of people have been saying that it looks like Fallout but more focused on FPS. Just look the comments for this video.

The commentator I mentioned before, MisterFantasmo is doing a let's play of this game and I am very excited to watch because I will not be able to play this game until probably the end of next month, if I am not glued to BF3 by then.

The biggest issue with this game is that the textures load up too slow, when you look away and look back, the texture reload, making it look kind of cheesy, hopefully they fix that.
Other than that, this looks like a really awesome game and I can't wait to play it.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Random Thought #1: At what age should people stop Trick or Treating

Halloween is a holiday where kids go out in silly overpriced costumes and go door to door threatening people for candy. I remember going trick or treating when I was in a kid, and enjoying the various candies I got from neighbors. In middle school I used to debate looking like an overgrown kid to go get pounds of delicious candy, but I usually contained myself and stole from my parents' stash. Last time I went trick or treating was in 7th grade, but I didn't get that much candy because my costume was a Trader Joe's bag with holes cut out for eyes.
That brings me to my thought, at what age should kids stop going out trick or treating?
I think around 6-7th grade should be the cutoff.
It's not that I feel embarrassed to be seen from the people giving me candy, but I am embarrassed to be seen next to a bunch of 5 year olds.
But candy is delicious and I always think of going trick or treating when Halloween comes around every year.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mister Fantasmo

Hey guys, I want to tell you about a Youtube commentator who is probably one of my favorites, if not the favorite. I don't really watch commentaries on Youtube for the gameplay unless it's a new game, so watching some commentators put the same game over and over again becomes annoying and tedious. MisterFantasmo mostly puts CoD videos, but he also has a let's play channel where he put up several Dead Island videos, and he's going to continue his on hiatus Amnesia, Minecraft, Terraria, and SuperMeatBoy videos.
He is a college student studied for something that he has never said. He plays the PS3, so it is a nice break from all the XBox commentators. He calls his audience "nuggets" for a reason I don't know.
Overall, his personality is great, he's humorous and random, and his videos turn out pretty funny, and he can continue to entertain you even if the gameplay is too short and he puts a black screen up.
Here is a video he put up a couple of days ago, portraying both his thoughts while playing games and the BS of Black Ops, it's only 2 minutes, so I suggest you watch until the end to see the truly funny part.

He also made a couple of skits with his friend KidLazer, who is also very random like him, and imo seems to have no neck.

Monday, October 3, 2011

More BF3 Beta Thoughts

After having played it more, I have some more things to say about this game.

  • First of all, I think they did something to make the graphics look better, it looks better than how it looked when I first downloaded it. Maybe I just got used to the graphics, I don't know. 
  • You die way too quickly. CoD even takes a few milliseconds before you die, in BF3, you can die while it seems like you only got hit once.
  • Operation Metro is becoming boring, they should have picked Caspian Border for the map, it looks much more fun. 
  • The blowtorch is extremely glitched, sometimes it doesn't shoot, sometimes it doesn't do the pointing animation.
  • Sometimes, if you reload it won't make the reload animation, I've felt this more with the Snipers but it has happened to the AK once.
  • Barely anything is destructible, not like the Battlefield we know and love
Even with those, I am still having fun and I think I am Level 12.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Battlefield 3 Beta Thoughts

What's up guys, I've been playing the BF3 Beta all day yesterday and today, and just decided to give you guys my thoughts about it.
My biggest gripe is that it's only one map and only one game mode. If it was Rush on like 3 maps, or 3 different game modes on Operation Metro, it would be awesome.
I went to my friend's house to play Caspian Border on his PC only to learn that they shut down the Caspian Border servers (I think it would have made more sense to shut down the weaker map: Metro). That kind of sucked too.
The first thing I noticed about this game was, the sound. Especially if you are wearing a headset, the noise atmosphere of this game sounds amazing. You can hear people pretty far from you, and you can hear explosions all the way across the map.
Which is a good transition to my next point, the map is huge. I've been playing mostly CoD the past few years, and I'm used to small maps with a lot of action. Don't get me wrong, big maps are awesome, even better imo.
I didn't even know that this part in the picture existed for the first few matches I played.

My friend who is a more professional at Battlefield told me that other maps are even bigger. That should be awesome.
One thing I hate is that it's not fully destructible, you can make craters from grenades, cut down trees, destroy some walls, and shoot the face of some walls off. I played BC2 only a couple times, but I remember it was almost a fully destructible environment. I don't know, maybe it's because it's only a beta, or maybe it's just the map, but I'm disappointed with it.
The graphics aren't nearly as good as any gameplay we've seen, but I'm pretty sure the graphics are compressed for the beta.
The gameplay is awesome though. It's fun and exciting. The park outside can get a little annoying, getting sniped by LMG's and stuff, but once you go inside the subway station, it is really fun. The hitmarkers seem a little slow, bu maybe that's just my aim. One thing is that you can't cook grenades. I don't know why, you just can't. Once you get the controls down, its really fun, for a while. I got kind of bored playing the same game and map consecutively, so I played some MW2, and after I came back, I had fun again. Now I'm writing this post.
Another thing I hate are the spawns, sometimes I spawn on a teammate and I get killed instantly. Sometimes I spawn in the spawn zone (can't remember the name) and I still get killed instantly. I guess they can't fix spawning on your teammates and dying, but they should fix the spawn zones.
Well that's pretty much it, going to go play some more now!