Wednesday, October 12, 2011

50 Followers thanks!

Well, I finally got 50 followers! I've been anticipating this day seeing followers in the high 40s for the past few days, but I finally got it! Thanks guys, I know my last few posts have been quick, but I promise I'll write more thorough and informative posts now. Thing is, I haven't been able to get any games to review, but I will be putting up some Minecraft posts when I get my new computer and build it, probably by the end of the month or the first week, depending on how quickly Newegg and Amazon ship their products. I'm also waiting another month to buy my graphics card, a XFX Radeon 6850 for $80, because I realized that if I can get that money by next month anyway, why not spend a little (or in this case 2x) more on a better graphics card. Also if there are any really good graphics cards under $200 (145 euros), and if it is worth spending the extra money, please suggest one.
You can check out my PC configuration in my page, The everchanging computer set up I'm planning to buy, and leave any recommendations.
Another update is I've been watching The Walking Dead first season to be ready when the second comes out October 16. I've watched the first episode, and I will be going back to watch a few more when I am done writing this post. After that, I'm going to start watching Breaking Bad, I've heard that it is really good, but I've never really gotten into it until now.
I'm also watching House on Mondays, Mythbusters on Wednesdays and The Office on Thursdays.
Well that's pretty much it, I'll be trying to get some non-game related material out until I get my computer.


  1. Proud to be one of the 50! This is a great blog, not surprised you reach 50 so quickly!

  2. gratz on the 50 followers! glad to be one of those :)

  3. Congrats! Next is the big 100! I am also anticipating the new season of Walking Dead. Pulled out the old comics to re-read again. Just a great series all together. Was kinda upset when it was announced as a tv series, but it turned out to be really good!

  4. Congrats. Yeah lets aim for the 100 now

  5. No prob man, we that should thak u. great blog

  6. i like that your blog is growing, it's always been a nice visit :)
    I wish you best luck and congratulations!
    I bet it will be 500 very soon!