Monday, September 5, 2011

New House Season Starts Oct 3

Hey guys, I just wanted to give you guys an update on one of my favorite TV shows: House. I did not get much into it until season 5, and since then I'm pretty sure I have watched every episode and some others from seasons 1-4 on Hulu and other websites. I gotta say, I'm pretty psyched for season 8. The season 7 finale was very strange, it showed Gregory House crashing into Lisa Cuddy's house with his car, returning her brush, and walking away. I hope this is not the final season, but it might be, as House is going to prison and it is a huge difference from past seasons. Also, Cuddy is not returning, but I wouldn't blame her, dealing with House like that. I can't wait until October 3!


  1. Man... House in prison? I dunno, seems like they are just milking him at this point. I mean, what HASN'T he done by now?

  2. HELL YEAH! i really like this tv show! this new season seems pretty amazing, i can't wait either!:D