Sunday, September 4, 2011

Minecraft 1.8

Minecraft 1.8 looks pretty cool! The thing that looks awesome is sprinting. I really don't know why Notch didn't add this before, but it's finally going to be here. Before, you walked oh so slowly to your destination, but now you can cut that time and get to your destination much faster. You can also attack enemies while sprinting, which launches them back, which will be useful for spiders and creepers. Another thing I like is that the biomes are are larger and much more defined, unlike before when you would get a 4x4 area of sand with one cactus, and it would be a desert. The ravines look cool, but look like they could also be an annoyance, if maybe you are walking around rendering more map and a ravine appears right in front of you. The endermen are very strange, but probably won't be annoying, unless you accidentally look at them and they start attacking you. AND FINALLY ZOMBIES WON'T DROP FEATHERS!!! Why it was like that, I have no idea. And chickens and cows will drop their own meat. There are also silverfish, which are little bugs, which I hate irl, they're just creepy and disgusting. Also blue spiders, which will be more rare but stronger than normal spiders. You can charge up the bow, which makes sense, so using a clicker or whatever people use to make their clicks faster will not work anymore. And they added critical hits, kind of like a very subtle trickshot from CoD, where you jump and hit. There is also more farming options, like the melon and plantable pumpkins. There is also a new food consuming animation, and you can stack food. 
Looks awesome!


  1. Great video and ideas! Looks great!

  2. classic game, one of the best, nice post!

  3. Finally we can sprint. It was really bad to move so slowly. Good news :D