Monday, December 12, 2011

LG Flatron E2341 23" 1080p

What's up guys, I recently picked up this amazing monitor from Fry's for $170. It was a gigantic difference from the old crappy 17" HP monitor I used to have. Here is a comparison of the two

Yes that's a Breaking Bad wallpaper.
This monitor makes everything look spectacular, and the buttons on it are very strong and not flimsly like some buttons on other monitors. Though if you don't turn off the monitor and turn off your PC, it goes into sleep mode, where the On/Off button flashes Blue every few seconds, which becomes annoying if you have it in your bedroom. But that can easily be remedied with turning it off.

Well I've been playing Skyrim lately, and I did not get my Graphics Card yet, I was thinking maybe with some extra money on Christmas I could buy something even better than a 6850, which would be awesome.


  1. I would have helped you set the HDMI up but I took an arrow to the knee
    -anon mouse

  2. looks like something dangerous is on one of your monitors

  3. man i remember when this stuff used to cost thousands. luckily i just kind of ignored that whole time and now i can go pick one up too.