Monday, December 26, 2011

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Review

What's up guys? I recently finished the main story of Skyrim, killed Alduin etc. I wanted to write a bit of what I thought about the game.

I haven't played many RPG's before Skyrim, so I don't really have anything to compare it with, but I think Skyrim is pretty good. Not excellent, but it was still really fun. I have about 30 hours on the game and not one of those were wasted doing boring stuff.
My character is a Breton female who is an assassin/thief. I started doing The Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild quests to supplement my skills in those areas.
While the main story is pretty short (I was actually surprised at how short it was) it was fun and interesting. One thing is that it was a bit too easy. I did have some trouble killing Alduin, but after learning the Dragonrend shout, dragons are extremely easy.

But Skyrim's specialty is not the main story, it's the huge amount of side stories and quests the player can accomplish. As I said before, I am currently doing the Dark Brotherhood and Thieve's Guild stories, and many little quests here and there to fill my time.

One thing I don't like is adventuring. What I mean about that is like in GTA games, you can steal a car and travel through the world killing people and running from cops, never getting bored. However in Skyrim, taking your horse and galloping through the countryside is not very exciting unless you find a cave or a dragon, giant, etc. I guess this is the difference between GTA and Skyrim (besides the obvious, of course): GTA has more fun in the freedom of roaming around the world and shooting up some gangbangers, but less actual quests, and Skyrim is the opposite. But don't get me wrong, I still enjoy jumping on a horse and traveling through the world instead of fast traveling, but in GTA it is just so much better.

Some tips I learned

  • Don't pick up useless items, I get overencumbered endlessly, because I pick up anything I think has value and I can sell
  • Use the quick menu a lot, I put most of the stuff I use, all my weapons, shouts, in the quick menu and it saves a great deal of time, instead of going to the menu, then items, then finding what you want
  • Pick up food, while potions are good, they are hard to make and expensive. I usually pick up steaks and meat and the like, and when I am out of potions, I eat all of my food to regain all of my health, then I repeat. While fighting Alduin I actually ate about 20 potatoes, and when I did kill him I was around 10% health, so those potatoes saved me
  • If you use bows, pick up every type of arrows you see. They don't count as weight, and even though there are really strong arrows, you might not want to use them and you'd use a crappy Falmer arrow to kill a little wolf instead.
Overall, I give this game a 9/10
Best thing about this game is replayability, as I finished the main quest at around 20 hours and have played half of those hours and 10 more afterwards on side quests.
Here is a mammoth frozen into a glacier stuck with arrows... for your enjoyment


  1. Great review, haven't played the game yet.

  2. Take that stupid mammoth! I love skyrim.

  3. frozen mammoth! me like-y!