Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Got my Computer Stuff... but....

I am almost to the point of crying right now. So I got home and found my box on my doorstep. Excited, I ran inside and unboxed everything (videos of unboxing coming soon) and was so confident I didn't even open a guide on how to build a PC because I remembered everything I needed. I opened my motherboard and set it on its box. Then I took out my CPU and installed it and the heatsink/fan. Then I took out my RAM and easily installed that. Then came the enemy of this story, the Antec 550w Power Supply. I happily took the little demon out of it's box and started installing all the power cables. I brought my whole setup to the TV and attached it to the motherboard via HDMI cable. I decided to try to connect my HDD to the computer and succeeded, which means I won't need that adapter. I was happy, and I connected the PSU to the wall. Extremely excited, I slowly pushed my hand towards the on/off button. I closed my eyes and flipped it open. 
Now I have to go through a painstaking RMA experience to get a working PC. 
And what sucks even more is every single other part could be defective, but I won't know because without the PSU there is no way to test other parts. So I could get the power supply back and have to send in my CPU or something, unlikely, but it could happen.
Well here's some of my pictures of my pseudo-computer right before I turned it on-wait I didn't ever turn it on.
I don't have my case by the way, which is why it's like this.
 Well, hopefully the second part isn't defective, or else I will probably start cutting myself.
Well, sorry for all the delays, but unless ^ happens then I will have at least one good post by the end of next week.


  1. oh that really sucks ! but i wish you a very good post at the end of the week (; +1

  2. This looks incredible, well you had bad luck with that stuff but I hope you fix that

  3. Ahh dude I feel your pain! I recently built mine and was lucky I didnt have to RMA anything. Thank god! Sry Bro. I hope you get her up and running soon!